Top Natural Ways to Manage Pain

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Top Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Doctors would often prescribe medications and some therapy to alleviate pain. While this is a great way to obtain pain relief it often comes with side effects that may impact other aspects of health. Natural methods are often used to manage pain and even alleviate the anxiety symptoms. While it is true that there is a need to do more research on the efficacy of natural pain killers, but the future looks promising. Here are some ways that you can do to naturally kill the pain.

Use the endorphins

Endorphins are natural pain killers that are produced by the body. What endorphins do is to block the pain receptors and chemicals to reach the brain. Some endorphins have been found as effective as commercially-available pain relievers. Endorphins are also great in alleviating people suffering from anxiety symptoms and a great way to achieve stress relief. Often anxiety, depression and stress get exacerbated when there is chronic pain. The body normally produces endorphins during exercise. That is why it is best to do regular exercise to get the advantage of having endorphins in your system.

Have some friends

Wait, what? Yes, having friends can actually help you get over the discomfort of pain. Scientists have found out that contacting people that also suffer the same fate can help manage pain better. You can get tips and even learn best practices about how to naturally control the pain. Joining an online group of pain sufferers can help tremendously. 

Cool down with ice

Cold compress is able to numb the sore tissues and could also bring down the inflammation. Pain is often associated with some degree of inflammation and cooling it with ice is the best way to alleviate the discomfort. Ice also acts like a local anesthesia as it can help slow down the nerve impulses. This will eventually lead to the delay in the spasm reactions that often happen between the nerves of the subject area of the body. You can buy some ice packs off the shelves of your local grocery or you can freeze a wet sponge placed inside a Ziploc bag.

Stretch it out

Stretching is a natural way of releasing the tension that often builds up in the tissues and connective muscles of the body. There are parts of the body that are designed to move and if the motion is limited it can make the situation worse. If you are suffering from chronic pain it is possible that it will take weeks or months to loosen up the muscles and the tissues. That is why it is best to engage in activities like yoga to help people get more comfortable in the midst of chronic pain. People that have been practicing yoga reported significant reduction in pain and even enhanced there stress coping mechanisms. The American Pain Foundation has recommended the use of yoga as part of a holistic pain management system. People that have been doing yoga for 60 days have reported a reduction of pain by 42 percent.

Use oriental techniques

Slow movements can be an effective pain killer as it alleviates the discomfort of chronic pain. According to a research women that have been suffering from p

ain due to fibromyalgia have reported to be in less pain after they were engaged in regular sessions of tai chi. Tai chi is the slow

 ballet-like movement that you often see people of Chinese descent doing each morning at parks or any other open space. When medication is combined with tai chi, it was found out that it can increase the body’s response against pain and makes the prescription drugs more effective. Still, more research is needed to know why tai chi is effective against chronic pain.

Feel the heat

Heating pads and hot compress can also help in alleviating the pain. Heat somehow increases the flow of oxygen and goes with it the increased flow of nutrients to the affected area. This will help suppress the delivery of pain signals to the brain. It is best to invest in equipment that can provide sustained heat while not compromising your mobility.

Pain can be a deal breaker and it can lower the quality of life. It is best to combine the recommendations of your doctor with natural methods to increase the potency of therapies against pain. Never fret as pain can be managed well with the help of your friends and your doctor.

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