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Many sports and workplace injuries require further orthopaedic surgical intervention for proper healing and rehabilitation from a qualified doctor. La Clínica’s orthopedic doctors, orthopaedic surgeons and rehabilitation experts offer a variety services of  in Chicago for workplace injuries, sports injuries, slip & fall, and more.

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La Clínica’s orthopaedic & orthopedic doctors and surgeons offer a variety of orthopedic surgery services for workplace injuries and sports injuries. The moment you walk in the door, we begin assessing the nature of your injury, no matter how you injured yourself. Our orthopaedic & orthopedic surgery centers in Chicago, IL use advanced equipment, including x-rays and scans like ultrasounds and MRIs, to get a full picture of your injury.

Our orthopaedic & orthopedic surgeons and physicians then work closely with you to diagnose a proper healing and therapy schedule to help you recover from any sports or work injuries or auto accidents.

Our bilingual staff of orthopaedic and orthopedic doctors and Chicago physical therapy help us offer a more personalized service for all of our patients in our region. La Clinica’s orthopaedic and orthopedic surgeons and doctors are highly trained in a variety of medical fields, so we are able to fully diagnose your work, auto accident, or sports injury right in our office.

We start with a free consultation where we learn more about the nature of your injury, including when it occurred, and how it’s impacting your work and home life. Our helpful orthopaedic and orthopedic doctors and physicians can accommodate any worker’s compensation or most insurance plans to get you the help you need right away.

From there, you begin the diagnostic process to identify the best possible solutions to your work injuries. Many serious injuries to bone, connective tissue, the spine, and more require comprehensive orthopaedic and orthopedic surgeon or doctor.

Our orthopedic doctors & surgeons help you heal from a variety of injuries, including:

  • Overuse injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Chronic pain or muscle sprains
  • Traumatic (falls, concussions, etc.)
  • Repetitive stress injuries from work
  • Slip and fall
  • Head trauma
  • Bone fractures and breaks
  • Connective tissue strains and sprains
  • Severe muscle trauma (micro-tears, separation from bone, etc.)
  • Back Pain

Our orthopaedic and orthopedic surgeons near me in Chicago provide procedures for a variety of injuries.

Our rehabilitation centers offer orthopedic surgical procedures for the following areas:

  • Hand and wrist
  • Foot and ankle
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Spine


Our medical professionals explore your injuries and assess the damage. We determine whether you are eligible for surgical intervention and consult with you about the best solutions for your workplace injury, auto accident or sports injury.

Scheduling Your Procedure

Our staff takes care of all of your insurance and scheduling needs, including a referral to a qualified orthopedic surgeon in Chicago. Our office makes sure that you know exactly where to go on the day of your procedure. Many of our locations can provide surgical procedures on-site for your convenience.


Why we offer a range of surgeries, including spinal surgery. Whenever possible, we utilize minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. Often, some injuries require more reconstructive surgery that could take longer and require more healing time.

Post Operative Therapy and Rehab

After your procedure, we work with our patients to determine what procedures are ideal to heal their injuries.

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Since 2005, we have provided orthopedic and spinal surgery to patients in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area. Our team focuses on offering surgery and other medical solutions to workplace injuries.

We have a caring and personal approach, catering to the individual needs of you and all of our patients. Our staff will guide you carefully through the complex process of receiving surgery for your workplace injury. We use a hands-on and friendly approach to working with our patients. We understand that you have a variety of concerns when you’ve been injured at work and we create an environment where the moment you walk in the door, you feel welcome and confident.

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