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Work Injury

Work injuries are accidents or injuries that happen to workers while they are doing their jobs. These things can happen in many different businesses and jobs. Work injuries are often caused by things like carelessness, not enough safety measures, or working in dangerous situations. Falls, strains, cuts, burns, and accidents caused by doing the same thing over and over again are all common at work. People who are hurt by these things may have to deal with physical pain, disability, mental stress, and financial problems. Employers must put safety first in the workplace by putting in place proper training programs, giving safety equipment, and keeping the environment free of hazards. Work injuries must be reported quickly and treated well if employees are to stay healthy and avoid more accidents from happening.

Have you been injured on the job and live in the Chicago metropolitan area? You have rights regarding Workers’ Comp. in Illinois and there is no need to suffer or stay with a doctor the company suggest if you are not getting adequately treated for your work injuries. You see, many times the company doctor Is not authorized to treat all injuries. That is not the case with La Clínica. We are not attached to an employer/company agreement and we can focus on you. La Clínica was established in 2005 to provide work injury care for her workers in the town of Cicero. Our work injury doctors and specialists work as a team to best address your injuries and help you back to work with the care you need and that you deserve.

Our workers’ compensation providers in Chicago and its suburbs will assess your injury and determining the best course of treatment to help relieve your neck, back, shoulders, or knee pain commonly sustained in work injuries. Remember, no pre-approval is required to treat with us we encourage you to contact La Clínica today to make an appointment!

What Should You Know about Workers' Comp Rights in Chicago?

Workers' Comp Rights

Workers’ compensation rights are very important defenses for people who get hurt or sick at work. These rights make sure that workers who get hurt have access to medical care, programs to help them get better, and money to make up for lost wages. Workers’ comp rights also include the right to report injuries, the right to a fair and timely claims process, and protection from workplace retaliation. Also, employees have the right to challenge choices and get legal help if they need to. These rights are meant to give workers help and security during hard times and make the workplace safer and healthier.

Unfortunately, many patients we encountered do not have an exact understanding of the rights regarding work injury treatment in Illinois. If you have suffered an injury on the job or now have developed pain due to the nature of your work, you are entitled to receive treatment. No Insurance company authorization is required.

You should know that your employer is responsible for paying for all medical care needed to relieve an injured worker’s injury. While an employer can create a preferred provider program, and employee can choose to decline participation at any time. He or she can also petition the Illinois workers commission if he or she does not think the doctor on the PPP list is providing quality care. Also, at any time and employee can choose his or her own doctor to get the care they desire.

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to check out our FAQs page, which has Additional information on your workers’ compensations rights.

All the workers’ comp rights in Illinois can be somewhat confusing, one thing that is clear is you will find the best possible care when you visit our work injury doctors at La Clínica. From the moment you make an appointment and enter one of our facilities you will be treated with the highest level of professionalism.