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Muscle Strains and Sprains

We can help with muscle strains and sprains

Muscle Strains and Sprains

Muscle strains and sprains are some of the most common sports injuries, as well as common injuries that come from auto accidents or work accidents. A muscle strain or sprain can limit your movement and cause a lot of pain, making it difficult to work or take care of other responsibilities. That means that pain relief and active therapy are very important to get you moving again. La Clínica can help today.  Please make corrections to first paragraph of providing physical therapy and Injury rehabilitation in Chicago and surrounding areas.

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Providing Physical Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation services help heal injuries and strengthen muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. This can include active physical therapy, passive physical therapy, or both. With the right kind of therapy, you can minimize the pain and damage from muscle sprains and muscle strains. You will heal faster and improve your range of motion more quickly.

Our musculoskeletal specialist will treat your case with the proper attention and respect you deserve. This starts with a proper evaluation and examination. We will then devise an individualized course of treatment designed to get you back to feeling yourself again. Our Chicago-area clinics have had success with all sorts of muscle sprain and muscle strain cases: Marathon runners, workers comp cases, whiplash or sprained wrists from a car accident…the list goes on.

In addition, we also offer a diagnostic testing, pain management consults and orthopedic surgery consults for those patients who need them.  Signs of something is wrong with your muscles typically sprain or a strain occur concurrently, there are some clear signs that your injury is serious and needs the attention of a doctor or injury specialist.

A muscle strain is a stretching or tearing of a muscle, or of tissue connecting muscle to bone (tendon).

A muscle sprain is a stretching or tearing of the ligaments, which are bands of muscle tissue that connect two pieces of bone together.

Though they are two different types of injuries, they often have similar symptoms: Pain, swelling, limited flexibility, and inability to use your full range of motion.

Both conditions can be painful, and they run the risk of not healing correctly. For those reasons, it is a good idea to speak with a professional at a rehabilitation center. They can recommend a course of treatment that will get you feeling yourself again.

Whether you have a sprain or a strain, there are some clear signs that your injury is serious and needs the attention of a doctor or injury specialist:

  • You can’t put weight on your limb or joint without pain
  • You can’t move your limb a certain way without shooting pain
  • You have intense swelling around one or more joints
  • You feel numb around the injured area
  • Muscle spasms
  • Severe muscle cramps
  • Loss of strength in the limb (hand, etc.)

Some of these symptoms can accompany other injuries as well. A full physical examination will sort out the causes of your symptoms and recommend a way forward.

Muscle strains come in different grades:

Grade I, Mild strain. Only a few muscle fibers are stretched or torn, so the muscle retains most of its function. It still can be painful, however.

Grade II, Moderate strain. More muscle fibers are injured, leading to more pain and swelling. Some loss of strength might be observed.

Grade III, Severe strain. Muscle is torn all the way through. When this happens, you might feel a “pop” as the muscle snaps back with the tear. There might also be a dent or bump where the muscle gathers up. These strains are the most severe and need immediate medical attention.

Though Grades II and III are more severe, it is a good idea to get checked out by a professional if you suspect any problems after being in a car accident or work-related accident…no matter how small the injury might seem.

Muscle Strain and Muscle Sprain Are Common Injuries

The science is clear: Muscle strains and sprains do better with a reliable course of treatment than they would without. These kinds of injuries are exceedingly common…

  • In automobile accidents. Most attorneys working on automobile accident settlement cases will tell you that muscle injuries (“soft tissue” injuries) are one of the most common forms of injury they see. Whiplash, a common outcome for victims of car accidents, is a kind of muscle strain.
  • In sports. According to one massive review of the literature, muscle injuries were the biggest category of athletic injury, and over 90% of those muscle injuries were sprain and strains.
  • On the job. According to an analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, strain injuries were the single most common kind of accident injury in manufacturing, creating more claims (and more severe claims) than all other categories combined, including slip-and-fall, being struck by something, or being injured in or by a machine.

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