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La Clinica, S.C. – Injury Clinic & Care Specialists in Chicago, Cicero, Waukegan, Aurora & Stone Park, IL

In 2005 La Clinica, S.C. identified a need for the patients in the Cicero, IL, community to get appropriate care for their injuries. Since that time, we have expanded La Clinica, S.C., to six additional locations.

Our specialized services make it easy for people who have suffered injuries from work, sports, auto accidents and other personal injuries to receive comprehensive treatment that helps them reach their recovery goals while making the process of dealing with paperwork, insurances, claims, courts and easier to manage.

Our staff is bilingual, knowledgeable and compassionate at providing injury care. The injury doctors at our accident clinic are available for extended hours, every day of the week to answer questions regarding your injury. Our services include office consultations from our group of physicians, diagnostic testing (such as X-rays, EMGs/NCVs and MRIs), physical therapy /rehabilitation, and work conditioning.

La Clinica, S.C. prides itself on delivering expert, quality care to every patient. Our injury doctors apply the many years of pain and injury care experience and current best practices to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Great chiropractic and physical therapy facilities.

Our Facilities

At La Clinica SC we recognize that everyone has different health care needs in dealing with their injuries. This is why we offer diverse treatment options and have the necessary tools available for the different tasks at hand.

Our injury care, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics in Chicago, Cicero, Aurora, Waukegan and Stone Park offer the following services:

  • Back Pain Treatment and Other Pain Management Services
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Work Conditioning
  • Physicians specialized in injury care
  • Telehealth options
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Transportation to/from the clinic for qualified patients

Our chiropractic and physical therapy offices are equipped with x-rays that allow us to shoot and develop on site.

We have work-conditioning and rehabilitation programs in our Chicago, and suburban Stone Park and Cicero locations that utilize equipment and common materials to simulate the motions you perform at work. As part of our program, we also teach proper body mechanics, manipulation of tools and forces to avoid further injury or re-injury.

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