Physical Therapy Guide to Treat Hip Labral Tears

Hip Labral Tear Exercises

Physical Therapy Guide to Treat Hip Labral Tears

You might not know just how essential your hips are until you experience hip labral tears. Hip labral tears can occur to anyone but are popular among young athletes, especially those involved in high-impact sports. Common labral tear treatments include open surgery, rest, and physical therapy. Physical therapy is undoubtedly the best treatment for hip labral tear exercises since it is quick, non-invasive, and efficient.



Here is your physical therapy guide to treating labral tears.

How Does a Hip Labral Tear Occur?

A hip labral tear happens when the labrum in the hip joint is injured. The labrum surrounds the hip joint and offers additional stability. Labral tears occur due to repetitive stress on the hip in most cases.


Activities that cause labral tears include sudden sports movements, long-distance running, and repeated exercises. What’s more, individuals with underlying hip issues like hip impingement are also at a high risk of labral tears.


Here are common causes of labral tears:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Hip muscle tightness
  • Weak hip joint
  • Weak hip muscles
  • Underlying hip abnormalities
  • High impact sports
  • Poor posture and improper technique during a repetitive activity


It is best to note that the labral tissue can’t heal independently. Fortunately, physical therapy can help reduce the symptoms by strengthening your hip.

Labral Tears Symptoms

Since labral tears happen in the hip, most people don’t experience any symptoms. However, some people might experience significant pain and reduced range of motion. Some people also struggle to walk, squat, climb stairs, dance, or participate in sports after a labral tear. Here is how a labral tear feels.


  • Significant pain on your hip or groin
  • Limited hip motion
  • Sharp pain that increases after walking, sitting, or any other activity
  • Gradual pain
  • Weakness in the hip muscles
  • Stiffness


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How Can Physical Therapy Help Treat Labral Tears?

Physical Therapy is the best treatment option for labral tears since it is efficient and non-invasive. However, it would be best if you found a qualified doctor to deal with labral tears efficiently. Your doctor will check your medical history and conduct various tests to evaluate the tear. The doctor will also ask you to describe your current symptoms and any pain you might be experiencing.


Moreover, the doctor will find out if you have difficulty completing various physical activities. During your physical examination, the doctor will focus on all areas that have been affected. The doctor might also ask you to squat, walk, run, or climb stairs. From there, the doctor will examine the mobility and strength In your hip and nearby areas. The doctor might also order imaging tests like MRI and CAT, depending on your case.


After the diagnosis, your physical doctor will develop a plan tailored towards your specific case. Some treatment strategies the doctor can use to treat labral tears include:


  • Patient education
  • Pain management
  • Movement re-education
  • Manual therapy
  • Functional training

The doctor can also recommend various exercises to treat hip labral tears, including:

  • Side plank
  • Monster walk or side-stepping with resistance
  • Deadlift with single leg
  • Bridge
  • Dead bug


Get Premier Physical Therapy for your Hip Labral Tear Today

Your doctor will have the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome your hip labral tear. They will diagnose you and recommend effective physical therapy treatments based on your specific injury and needs. Request an appointment today to discover more.