Healing From Personal Injuries Caused by Winter Snow and Ice

Icy Roads

Healing From Personal Injuries Caused by Winter Snow and Ice

Unlike some cities, Chicago has a true winter, complete with winter snow and ice. While many Chicagoans dream of ice-skating in Maggie Daley Park, or heading to the hills for sledding, there’s a downside to the ice and snow we get: Accidents and the resulting personal injuries.

Snowy roads and icy pavement can cause many different kinds of injuries. The worst incidents are usually in two categories: Slip and falls or auto accidents. If one of these has happened to you, you will need the appropriate treatment to get back on your feet, back to work, and back to enjoying life. La Clinica can help you do just that, offering immediate access to the best injury care professionals in Chicagoland.  

Slip and Fall Due to Ice and Snow

Slipping, tripping, and falling can happen anytime, but winter makes it more likely. Slush tracked into Jewel or Walgreens by customers, an icy CTA platform, or even slick apartment steps can be dangerous. A hard fall on concrete or another hard surface will hurt. Injuries from the impact, or from trying to catch yourself as you fall, can be serious.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks slips and falls as the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths. Every year, nearly 37.3 million falls are serious enough to require medical care worldwide.

Hopefully, the result is just a bruise or two, but in the worst cases, victims can have a long road to recovery.

Common injuries from slip and fall accidents are:

When Should You Seek Treatment for a Slip and Fall?

Many slip and fall accidents result in hidden injuries. This means that they might be obvious right away. You might think that you have a simple bruise or sore muscle. But that bruising and soreness might be signs of something more: A sprain, a hairline fracture, or even a concussion.

Seeking medical attention right away can reduce your risk of a more serious injury or complication. Some warning signs that you need treatment by a professional include:

  • Lingering pain
  • Obvious swelling
  • Severe pain when you move a limb or joint
  • Back pain

Car Accidents Due to Icy Road Conditions

Icy ConditionsThe types of injuries suffered in a car accident are the same no matter what the weather. But ice and snow increase the chances that such accidents will happen.

Anyone in the Chicago area has heard of, and probably seen, winter crashes on the Dan Ryan or the Eisenhower. And busy intersections like 95th and Cicero, Archer and Western, or anywhere on Milwaukee Avenue seem to be particularly bad.

Common car accident injuries include:

  • Cuts and bruises (from broken glass or the airbag)
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries (whiplash)
  • Concussions
  • Back pain

It might seem as though cars sliding on the ice are no one’s fault. But sometimes it is possible that someone’s recklessness was the cause of an accident, too. Besides obvious situations like driving under the influence, drivers might be going too fast for the weather conditions. And did you know that it is illegal to drive in Illinois without scraping the snow and ice off of your windshield?

When Should You Seek Treatment for a Car Accident Injury?

Don’t assume that the injuries sustained in a car accident are minor. Many car accident injuries take a day or two to make their presence known.

Assume that any injury from a car accident is one that will need treatment. Then see a professional for a proper diagnosis. If your injuries truly are not serious, you’ll have peace of mind. If your injuries are serious, you will receive the proper care and treatment before they do more harm.

Treatment Available at La Clinica

No matter what the circumstances of an accident or whether someone else is to blame, one thing is clear: people who are hurt need to heal. As the premier injury care and pain management provider in Chicagoland, La Clinica can help.

La Clinica is staffed with experienced doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and orthopedic surgeons. Our practices are designed to take over after the initial emergency care is complete. Our physicians and therapists deal with the aftermath of all types of injuries, working with patients to help them heal and regain their health and quality of life.

Getting the Most from Your Personal Injury Settlement

Larger SettlementPersonal injury attorneys seek compensation not just for the expenses immediately following an accident, but for whatever care might be needed in the future. This means payment not only for things like ambulance and emergency room care, but also for future doctor visits, medication, therapy, and surgery. 

And because many injuries have long-lasting effects, it can take some patients months or even years before they feel better. Other patients may suffer life-long chronic pain and disabilities. The important thing is to get your diagnosis early.  

For patients who have received compensation for their injuries, La Clinica works within the parameters of the settlement to maximize the level of medical care for the very best outcome. Our doctors and physical therapists help patients heal and regain strength and movement to get their lives back. Our pain specialists and chiropractors provide ongoing care to manage long-term and chronic conditions. 

Chicagoland’s Premier Injury Care Clinic

La Clinica provides its exceptional injury care in seven locations throughout the Chicago area. Several are scattered south, west, and north of downtown, and as far away as Aurora and Waukegan. No matter where you live, you have easy access to our caring and experienced professionals. 

Contact La Clinica today by phone or fill out our online form. A free consultation will start you on your road to recovery.

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