6 Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Pain While Working at Home

6 Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Pain While Working at Home

You use your arm to perform several daily tasks, from washing utensils to caring for your kids. The shoulder joint supports your arm and allows it to move in a direction. Because your shoulder withstands heavy physical demands, you might experience shoulder pain at some point. In fact, 18-26% of American adults experience shoulder tightness or pain at some point. Fortunately, you can create an at-home exercise program to prevent shoulder pain or relieve discomfort.

Read on to discover six at-home exercises you can do to prevent shoulder pain while working at home.

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✔Arm Swing

Arm swing is one of the most effective exercises to prevent shoulder problems. Although simple, the arm swing exercise can prevent common shoulder problems by improving your range of motion and strengthening your shoulder. This exercise also promotes blood flow and improves lymphatic drainage. Also, it improves balance and promotes healthy tissue growth. To do the exercise correctly, follow these steps:

  • Place a table or a chair next to you for support
  • Place one arm on the table or chair and lean forward so that the other arm hangs straight down
  • Slowly swing the hanging arm backward and forward
  • Once you build momentum, gradually increase the length of the swing
  • Do the same for the other arm

You can also try the arm swings side to side exercise. Instead of swinging your arms back and forth, swing them side to side. If you are not experiencing significant pain and limited range of motion, then you can try an advanced version of the arm swing. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and swing both arms frontwards and backward.

✔Across-the-Chest Stretch

Another exercise you should always do before handling a strenuous activity is the across-the-chest stretch. The across-the-chest stretch exercise will enhance your flexibility and increase your shoulder’s range of motion. It also improves blood flow in the shoulder joint. Although it’s a simple exercise, you must follow these steps to prevent injury.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bring your left arm across your chest with the support of your right arm
  • Hold this stance for up to one minute
  • Repeat on the right arm
  • Repeat three to five times for each arm

You can raise your arm to shoulder height if you want to deepen the stretch.

A happy young woman doing a shoulder stretching

✔Chest Expansion

Chest expansion is another effective at-home exercise to increase your shoulder’s range of motion and promote healthy blood flow. This exercise can also boost your flexibility and strengthen your shoulder joint. Follow these steps to do the chest expansion exercise safely.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Hold a towel, strap, or exercise band behind your back with both arms
  • Expand your chest as you move your shoulder blades toward each other
  • Lift your head and look toward the ceiling
  • Hold this position for around 30 seconds

Deepen the stretch by placing your arms together along the object.

A woman holding an exercise band during shoulder exercise

✔Arm Circles

Arm circles exercise is an excellent option for people currently experiencing minor to mild shoulder pain. The exercise will improve your shoulder’s flexibility and range of motion.

  • Rest one arm on a chair or table
  • Let the other arm hang straight down
  • Slowly rotate the hanging arm clockwise
  • Change direction after three to five movements
  • Gradually increase the size of the circle
  • Repeat the same movements for the other arm

✔The Shoulder Flex Exercise

The shoulder flex exercise can boost your shoulder’s mobility and strengthen the surrounding muscles and bones. It’s another straightforward exercise you can do at home without equipment. As with other activities, you must also do it correctly to prevent injury and maximize results.

  • Find a comfortable place to lie down, such as your bed
  • While lying down, lift your arms over and back down in one movement
  • Clasp your fingers in front of your body
  • Lift your clasped hands straight over your head
  • Bring your clasped hands back over your body and down
  • Do it three to five times daily

✔Side Rotation With Weight

Like the shoulder flex exercise, doing the side rotation with weight exercise on your bed or any other comfortable place to lay down would be best. Also, use a comfy pillow or cushion to support your neck. This exercise strengthens your shoulder and the surrounding muscles. It’s also great for mobility and flexibility.

  • While lying on your left side, bend your right arm at a right angle in front of your body
  • Hold a light object, such as a tin of cereals, in your right arm
  • While keeping your right arm bent at a right angle, lift it slowly until it faces the ceiling
  • Gently bring back your right arm to the starting position.
  • Repeat three to five times before switching to the left arm

For a deeper stretch, consider lifting a heavier object.

Tips to Follow When Exercising at Home

Now that you know the six exercises you can do at home to prevent shoulder pain, you are probably eager to start immediately. But before that, it’s essential to ensure you exercise right. We’ve prepared these tips to help you exercise at the right level to minimize injury.

✅Always Start Slow

Always start with a simple routine and gradually increase the duration and intensity as your shoulder becomes more flexible and robust.

✅Don’t Overstretch

Exercise shouldn’t cause shoulder pain or make your existing pain worse. So, never stretch beyond your limits.

✅Stop Immediately if you Experience Pain

Although minimal pain is acceptable, you should discontinue your exercise program immediately if you experience excessive pain. Also, try to reduce the number of repetitions. Alternatively, reduce the speed. If the pain persists, you can increase the rest time between repetitions.

If your shoulder pain worsens during these exercises, you should talk to a shoulder pain doctor in Chicago at La Clinica about your injury.

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