Why It’s Important to Stick to Your Prescribed Work Conditioning Program

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Why It’s Important to Stick to Your Prescribed Work Conditioning Program

Following an injury at work, a person may be required to follow through with a prescribed work conditioning program. A work conditioning program is a program that specializes in getting an injured individual back to full working condition as soon as possible. These physical therapy and conditioning programs are specialized to each individual patient to ensure a safe rehab process.

It is very important for an injured worker to stick to their prescribed work conditioning program. These programs are more specialized to working conditions than generic physical therapy rehabilitation programs. A work conditioning program looks at what physical activities and movements are required for your specific job, and is built to ensure that you can go back to work. If you do a lot of lifting, then proper lifting exercises and back strengthening may be built into the program. If you sit at a desk or stand at a counter for long periods of time, than the conditioning program will take that into consideration.
Employers tend to look positively on these types of programs because not only are the workers able to return to work, they are able to return to work with fully functioning working abilities. Generic physical therapy programs help condition general areas around an injury, but do not ensure that full range of working ability will be restored. Programs like work conditioning also have another added benefit. The programs get injured workers out of their home environment daily to rehab their injury. This keeps the worker actively rehabilitating an injury instead of only working the injury a few times a week. Employers tend to think positively on these conditioning programs because the worker is taking an active role in rehabbing to get back to work instead of taking a slow recovery time heightening the potential to be chronically disabled. 

The quicker an individual is able to rehabilitate an injury sustained while on the job, the quicker the individual is able to get back to work. Work conditioning allows workers to concentrate on returning to work quickly and safely. The less time out from work, the less money is lost and the less chance of potentially losing your job.

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