When Should I Visit a Pain Management Doctor?

la clinica when should i visit a pain management doctor

When Should I Visit a Pain Management Doctor?

Chronic pain is pain that won’t go away. It bothers people for weeks, months, or even years. People in pain can’t participate in their usual fun activities. Sometimes the pain is so bad that they can’t work. Some people are so limited in what they can do that they become depressed. This kind of pain may also affect a person’s concentration and energy level. When chronic pain disrupts a person’s quality of life, it’s time to seek help.

If pain is managed properly by pain management doctors, people can go back to most if not all the activities they participated in before pain entered their lives. However, getting the jump on pain requires a good medical team and also patients who will follow their team’s instructions and work hard to knock out the physical pain in their lives.

Patients do best with a medical team that understands them as individuals and communicates well with them. Patients should feel respected by their team. The pain management doctors at La Clinica SC, which has three pain management clinics in the Chicago area, have as a motto: “Well-being, Respect, and Professionalism.” 

People looking for effective pain management treatments can go online or call La Clinica SC at (773) 278-9525 for a free consultation at one of our pain management clinics. Among common problems treated by our pain management doctors are neck and low back pain, hand and wrist pain, foot and ankle pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and pain caused by sports and work-related injuries. 

Chronic pain has several general causes: injury, infection, and disease. Among pain management treatments are therapies by a chiropractor, who manipulates the patient’s spine to bring relief; pain management doctor who prescribes pain relief medication or performs nerve blocks or injections; orthopedics; spine surgeons; physical therapy; and counseling in how to manage thoughts about pain. Because the medical causes of pain vary so much, so too do the pain management treatments. Some are relatively simple, others are complicated. With an estimate of more than 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, patients can be certain that pain management doctors are always working on new therapies.

Our patients are in good hands. Not only are our pain management clinics staffed by highly trained doctors and support personnel, but each location is fully equipped with X-ray machines, diagnostic tools, and rehabilitation equipment to ensure you get properly diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.