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How to Get to Our Southside Chicago Clinic

Southside Chicago

From Chicago Midway: Turn onto South Cicero Ave., then take the exit to merge onto West 55th street. Travel about a mile and then take a right onto S. Pulaski Rd.

From North/East/Downtown Chicago: Take I-90 E/I-94 E os similar route to I-55 S/Stevenson Expy. Take exit 288 from I-55 S/Stevenson Expy. Take exit 288 for Kedzie Ave, then follow Kedzie Ave and S. Archer Ave to S. Pulaski Rd. We also have several north locations which might be a shorter drive.

From the South: Take I-294 until you hit Crawford Rd or S. Pulaski Rd. (Crawford turns into S. Pulaski).

The staff here appear to love their job and it shows by the way they treat everyone. I highly recommend this place.

Rehabilitation patient

The staff here are very professional, polite, and helpful...Such a warm caring environment here.

Injury patient

Mi experiencia en la Clínica es exelente, dan un exelente servicio. El Doctor y las enfermeras son profesionales.” (“My experience with La Clinica was excellent. They give excellent service.The Doctor and the nurses are professionals.”)

Rehabilitation patient

Have gotten a few back adjustments, treatment/therapy for knee pains (ran a marathon) and a pulled bicep. Everything went smoothly.

Back/knee patient

Very nice staff...were a great help in my recovery.

Back pain patient

A customized physical therapy plan offers several benefits to individuals. Our licensed physical therapy will develop a customized plan to help you get back to your lifestyle as soon as possible. Read on to discover the top reasons why you should consider physical therapy.

Manage or Eliminate Pain

Whether you are dealing with acute, chronic, neuropathic, or inflammatory pain, physical therapy techniques and exercises can help reduce or relieve the pain. Our physical therapy will recommend therapeutic exercises to improve function and reduce pain based on your physical capabilities, activity levels, movements, and body type for optimal performance. You can also expect our therapy to teach you proper exercise techniques to increase the effectiveness of each exercise and prevent injuries.

Physical therapy is also the ideal treatment option for individuals who want to avoid surgery. Our physical therapists have the expertise to improve performance issues and help you overcome pain without the need for surgery. Also, starting your physical therapy treatment early can prevent many injuries or conditions from worsening. Even if you need surgery, pre-surgery physical therapy will strengthen the targeted area to speed up recovery.

Unlike other treatments such as over-the-counter medication, physical therapy is designed to meet your specific needs and challenges. Whether you need physical therapy to speed up your recovery from surgery, injury, or a chronic condition, our physical therapists are ready to help you achieve your goals. What’s more, our physical therapy programs are designed for people of all body types, abilities, fitness levels, and ages.  

Long-term treatment with prescription drugs can result in cardiovascular complications, overdose, bowel dysfunction, infections, and even mortality. Studies also show that long-term usage of prescription drugs is also associated with fractures. If you want to avoid the risks of , then you should consider physical therapy. According to the CDC, physical therapy is the safer option for pain management.

Physical therapists can use their expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to identify and diagnose the causes of your movement problems. The physical therapist you will be working with will perform a neurological assessment and check your reflexes and muscle control to diagnose the issue. Our PTs might also recommend advanced diagnostic testing such as x-rays, NCVs, and EMGs if necessary.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of preventive and rehabilitative medical field offered by physical therapists. Physical therapists are trained and licensed medical professionals that use their skills and equipment to develop individualized treatment plans to help patients overcome pain, recover from surgery or injury, and enhance full body function.

Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Like everyone else, you are probably wondering whether physical therapy is necessary. You will be glad to know that physical therapy is worth your time and money. Physical therapy can help you prevent injuries or recover quickly from an existing injury. Here are the benefits of physical therapy:

  • Alleviates or eliminates pain
  • You can avoid surgery
  • It can enhance your movement and body function
  • It speeds up recovery from injury or a disease