Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy

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Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy

For those of you who have never heard of chiropractic adjustments before, it is a process where your spinal cord is realigned or readjusted in an effort to lessen the pain as well as promote good health throughout the body. So why do people recommend this sort of treatment during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body creates hormones that help you relax your ligaments. Without these hormones, your baby’s head would never be able to pass through your pelvis. But when these hormones are combined with your swollen tummy, you can end up being loose-limbed, unusually clumsy and sway backed. All this can be quite harmful to your spine. With chiropractic care, much of this damage can be undone and your lower body can be properly aligned for you to have an easy delivery. Professional chiropractors also recommend this treatment as a cure for morning sickness, to reduce the probability of miscarriages and to prevent you from having a pre-term delivery. With regular chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy, regular back pains and neck pains that occur as a result of weight gain can be cured. Furthermore, this treatment helps your nervous system to allow your reproductive organs to function properly. The nervous system is the leader of all communication that takes place inside your body, including the reproductive system. Therefore, keeping your spine aligned correctly will support the needs of your baby during pregnancy as well as delivery.

The chiropractor’s special ability to realign as well as relax the muscles and ligaments around your pelvis is now known as something called the ‘Webster technique’. This method is often used as a way to breech babies to naturally turn themselves in the correct position just before birth. If your baby is in a breech or posterior position during delivery, natural labour will be difficult and may lead to having a caesarean labour. The Webster technique helps balance the pelvis, muscles and ligaments by reducing interference to the nervous system. Furthermore, this procedure successfully retrieves intrauterine constraints to enable the foetus to move freely. Most gynaecologists recommend this treatment as soon as they find out that your baby is in breech position. Chances of the baby being able to flip are possible up to 39 weeks. But once you pass 35 weeks of pregnancy, success rates are much lower because of the limited space available inside the womb.

When selecting your chiropractic care provider, especially during pregnancy, make sure that the selected individual has sufficient training and experience in dealing with pregnant ladies. During treatment, you should be asked to rest on a special table that is designed to keep the pressure away from your stomach. Also, your chiropractor should not ask you to lie flat on your stomach, especially during the last three months of your pregnancy. Another very important thing to remember is that before you begin any chiropractic treatment, you need to get a green signal from your gynaecologist. Every pregnancy may have its own complications so gynaecologists often have specific reasons as to why you should not do such treatment during your pregnancy.