Can I See My Own Doctor If I Am Hurt at Work?

la clinica can i see my own doctor if I am hurt at work

Can I See My Own Doctor If I Am Hurt at Work?

A work injury is a terrible experience, both in terms of the worker’s health and in terms of the managerial nightmare the incident can cause for the worker. This is because employers and insurance companies try their best to minimize their liability for the worker’s on-the-job injury. However, work injury law can help employees know their rights and what they can do when they get hurt at work.

The Issue of the Doctor

When a worker is injured, the first thing most people want to do is to go see a doctor as soon as possible. However, many workers are limited to specific doctors within their preferred provider program, or PPP for short. A preferred provider program is an established network of doctors the employer chooses, allowing employees the opportunity to see these doctors if the employee gets health insurance through their employer.

Where Conflict Arises

A work injury can jeopardize the quality of care an employee can receive if they are in a preferred provider program. This is because the patient can only see doctors that get the approval of the employer or of their insurance company. Conflicts can arise from this relationship between the employer and the PPP-based doctors. It is why many work injury law experts suggest that employees seek their own doctor outside of the PPP. Being outside of the PPP will allow a worker to see any doctor of their choosing or an impartial, unbiased doctor with no connection to the employer. This can help the worker get quality care that is appropriate for their injury. Many doctors send the claims for injured workers to worker worker’s compensation if they need it. However, thanks to legislation introduced in 2011 in the state of Illinois, workers can see doctors outside their PPP when the issue involves work injuries. In addition, employers cannot harass or punish a worker for going to see a doctor outside the PPP network for a work injury. 

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With three locations in the Chicago and Cicero area, La Clinica SC can provide workers with experienced care and medical analysis from our doctors and chiropractors. The medical professionals at La Clinica SC are trained in neurology, orthopedics, and pain management, as well as work conditioning. Work conditioning is the process where medically trained staff helps exercise the body of an injured patient to help the patient’s body speed up their recovery and help the patient re-gain some of their strength. Work conditioning also shows the worker’s employer that the employee is trying their best to heal fast and get back to work. 

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Work injury law is complex and worker’s compensation rules can be delicate situations between an employee and employer. Although a preferred provider program is helpful, it is a good idea for an injured employee to go outside their network for work injury care. If a worker is hurt at work, contact La Clinica SC for a free consultation! You can also visit our in-depth FAQ about the Preferred Provider Program.