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We’re here to help you manage and eliminate your chronic pain or heal from an injury. La Clinica injury specialist are here to help you diagnose and treat your injury today. We understand how important it is for you to get back to your normal activities. Our providers treat neck, back, shoulder, knee, and many other types of injuries. Whether you were hurt in a car accident or suffered a work injury we are ready to help you treat and navigate the often-complicated process. Your family counts on you and you can count on La Clinica.

How to Get to Our Aurora Clinic

Aurora Physical Therapy Clinic

From Chicago Midway: From I-55 South,  take exit 269 to merge onto I-355 N toward Northwest Suburbs. Take exit 20 A to merge onto I-88 W toward Aurora. Use exit 119 A toward South Farnsworth Ave. The location will be on the right.

From South/East/Downtown Chicago: From 290 West, merge onto I-88 W and follow signs for I-88 Tollway W/Aurora/I-294 Tollway S/Indiana. Take exit 119 A toward South Farnsworth Ave. The location will be on the right.

Physical therapy, popularly known as PT, is a non-invasive treatment that seeks to help individuals restore mobility and overcome pain. Physical therapy can also improve the quality of your life and prevent disability.

It is performed by licensed healthcare professionals known as physical therapy. To achieve this, our highly trained and experienced physical therapy will design a personalized program that focuses on holistic techniques like massage, exercise, heat treatment, rehabilitation, and patient education. 

When you visit our clinic, one of our friendly staff will welcome you and make you feel at home. From there, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation to better understand your injury, lifestyle, and goals. First, our physical therapists will ask you about your medical history. Secondly, our PT will ask you various questions to understand how you were injured.

Then, the PT will conduct different measurements and tests. These tests include range of motion, neuro screening, functional mobility, balance, palpitations, skin integrity, and manual muscle testing. Finally, our physical therapists will create a treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. It’s best to note that our physical therapists can initiate your treatment immediately after the physical evaluation to help you manage pain and enhance muscle function and mobility.

Physical therapy is the best treatment for adults and children suffering from severe pain and limited movement. Visit our conveniently located physical therapy clinic immediately if:

  • You want to prevent disability
  • You want to overcome pain
  • You want to restore and enhance function
  • You are looking to boost the quality of your life

According to the Illinois Physical Therapy Association, you don’t need a prescription or a referral to see our licensed physical therapists. As a result, you can make an appointment to visit our physical therapy clinic anytime. Thanks to this new act, our Chicago patients can receive the highest quality physical therapy services as soon as possible to overcome pain and prevent disability. We offer free consultations both in person and virtually through telehealth consultation.

What you wear for your physical therapy appointment matters. Our physical therapists highly recommend that you wear loose and comfortable clothing. Similarly, it is best to wear comfortable footwear. Avoid excessive jewelry, jeans, and work clothing.

It all depends on your injury and the type of therapies our PTs will recommend. Usually, physical therapy sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Since we work as a team, you can be sure that we are dedicated to helping you in the shortest time possible.

At La Clínica, we are proud to offer hands-on physical therapy and a proven approach to treating all types of injuries. Our highly-trained and licensed doctors strive to help each patient get back to their everyday life in the shortest time possible.

  • At least 70% of Americans think they need a prescription or referral to see a licensed physical therapist. However, you can visit our physical therapists directly without a referral or prescription.
  • When performed by a licensed physical therapist, physical therapy can reduce your treatment costs for low back pain by  72%.

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