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El dolor de espalda es una de las quejas más comunes que escuchamos regularmente de los pacientes. El dolor de espalda puede deberse a una variedad de problemas, incluidos algunos comunes, como distensiones musculares. Sin embargo, el dolor de espalda debido a una lesión laboral o un accidente automovilístico a menudo requerirá una intervención seria.

Our team of spine care specialists and doctors at La Clínica will work with you to accurately diagnose your condition utilizing different types of diagnostic testing when necessary and referral and consultations within our team of spine care doctors and specialists. Providing spinal care or back pain tratamiento en chicago and surrounding areas space If there is a part of the body that is exposed to physical stress more than any other, it is the back and spine. Back and spine pain can be disruptive, making it uncomfortable to sit, stand, bend over, or lift. Employees that drive long distances and/or a long period of time often develop back and spine pain. Untreated back and spine pain also commonly caused sleep disruptions, and when left unattended can leave the suffer desperately in need of relief.

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If there’s a part of the body that is exposed to physical stress more than any other, it’s the back and spine. Back pain can be disruptive, making it uncomfortable to sit, stand, bend over, or lift. If you work at a desk for long periods of time, your back pain could be the result of an unsupportive chair or a non-ergonomic workstation. Untreated back and spinal pain also commonly causes sleep disruptions, and when left unattended can leave the sufferer desperately in need of relief to get back to normal life.

Our back, neck and spine care specialists here in Chicago can help you get to the root of the issue. La Clínica’s spine care physicians and doctors has the appropriate training and knowledge to recommend physical therapy, exercises, and other kinds of treatment to help heal the strained and overworked muscles of the back. They can also properly diagnose the source of the pain, whether it was from a work injury, a car accident, a sports injury, or a fall.

El dolor de espalda a menudo puede ser muy difícil de tratar por su cuenta. Sin un diagnóstico de un especialista en dolor de espalda del área de Chicago, en realidad podría hacer más daño que bien con los estiramientos o ejercicios incorrectos.

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Back and spine pain is so common that many people have tried to heal themselves. They often turn to the internet or advice from friends and family for treating back and spinal pain. While learning about back and spine pain is not a bad thing, treating yourself runs the risk of making things worse. That is why we urge patients to see a professional back and spine pain specialist, right here in the Chicago area.

Often, back and spine pain is the sign of another underlying issue, like tight or weak hip flexor muscles or weakness of the abdominal (stomach) muscles. Some back and spinal pain could be the result of a spinal injury like a bulging disk or damaged vertebrae. Cuanto más tiempo pase sin tratamiento, más probable es que experimente daño permanente en los nervios. Esos problemas también podrían requerir cirugía o medicamentos para corregirlos.

Definitivamente es hora de hablar con una clínica de dolor de espalda en Chicago si:

  • Su dolor de espalda comenzó después de un accidente automovilístico o laboral
  • El dolor de espalda es el resultado evidente de una lesión deportiva
  • Su dolor de espalda ha durado varias semanas o meses.
  • Sufre complicaciones secundarias como insomnio, estreñimiento y hormigueo o dolor en las piernas, los brazos y los hombros.
  • Su dolor de espalda empeora notablemente después de ciertas actividades (sentarse, caminar, levantar objetos, dormir)

Nuestros especialistas en dolor de espalda en una de nuestras clínicas de Chicago le brindarán una consulta inicial gratuita. Hasta que sepa la fuente exacta de su dolor de espalda, es muy importante que busque asesoramiento profesional.

As we’ve discussed above, there are numerous sources of back and spine pain, and until you consult with a back and spinal pain doctor, physician or specialist in Chicago, you won’t know precisely what is causing yours. There are some extremely common injuries and causes of back pain including:

  • Hernia de disco (lesión de la columna)
  • accidente automovilístico (latigazo, distensión, fractura o conmoción cerebral)
  • Una caída o lesión laboral
  • Lesion deportiva
  • Músculos del psoas (cadera) tensos o débiles
  • Músculos abdominales (estómago) tensos o débiles Débiles o infrautilizados Músculos psoas (cadera)
  • Esguince muscular por levantar objetos o agacharse
  • Artritis o enfermedad o trastorno autoinmune no diagnosticado (cáncer)
  • Condiciones de trabajo insalubres, como una silla que no apoya
  • Asientos no ergonómicos, especialmente en un vehículo (conducción de viajes compartidos, camiones de larga distancia, conducción de entregas)
  • Lesión por estrés repetido, especialmente en el trabajo.

There are a lot of common ways to address back and spine pain on your own until you can see a specialist. Many people initially turn to over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers. The most effective tend to be anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. Always follow the recommended doses and speak to your physician or health care provider before starting any new medication.

If those OTC pain relievers aren’t strong enough to manage your back and spine pain, or if you’ve been taking them for several weeks or longer, it’s time for a closer look into the causes of your pain. Without knowing the underlying causes of your back pain, it’s impossible to know which course of treatment is best, and that goes double for any treatment you try on your own.

La respuesta corta es "muy". Según la Asociación Americana de Quiropráctica, el dolor de espalda es la principal causa de discapacidad en todo el mundo. It’s estimated that as many as 80% of adults will experience back and spinal pain sometime in their lives.

Back and spinal pain is also costly to the American workforce, costing at least $50 billion annually in healthcare costs.

Our Chicago back and spine pain clinic patients often tell us that in addition to our therapies and treatment, they have tried other activities that help reduce or manage their pain. Healthy lifestyle activities that increase endurance and strength are going to be critical for many patients as they move forward after an injury or physical trauma. Back and spinal pain is often chronic or reoccurs after the first incident. These activities may help.

  • Stretching and flexibility prevents tension and tightness in the muscles that can cause back and spine pain.
  • Trabajar con un instructor profesional de Pilates o tomar una clase regularmente aumenta la fuerza y ​​​​la flexibilidad de su núcleo
  • Walking also helps elongate and strengthen your hip and leg muscles, both of which can help support the back and spine and mitigate pain.
  • Perder peso. El exceso de peso abdominal es un causa común de dolor de espalda.

Your back and spine endures more physical stress than any other body part. It is not surprising that our back and spine pain physicians and specialists treat thousands of people for back pain every year. In fact, it is the most significant cause of disability in the country and globally. You should only trust nationally renowned back and spine pain specialists to treat your spine and back. Whether it is a complex spinal disorder or a minor injury, our skilled team of therapists and doctors will help you overcome the back and spine pain and restore your full body function and mobility.

Los pacientes eligen La Clínica por varias razones:

  • Un equipo calificado compuesto por cirujanos ortopédicos, fisioterapeutas, fisiólogos del ejercicio, cirujanos neurológicos, terapeutas ocupacionales, entrenadores deportivos y fisiatras
  • Certificado por la Junta
  • Instalaciones de última generación
  • Tecnologías avanzadas
  • Deep expertise in treating back and spinal pain, spinal disorders, chronic pain, arthritis, degenerative diseases, and sports injuries
  • The highest quality back and spinal pain treatment, including physical medicine and rehabilitation, spine surgery, spinal fusion, accident and injury care, etc.

Our back and spinal pain specialists use advanced diagnostic testing technology, including MRI and x-rays, to identify the issue causing the back and spinal pain. Our team will also check your medical history, lifestyle, and other variables that can cause back and spinal pain.

We will customize an effective treatment plan depending on your goals and individual needs. Our spine specialists and doctors use passive therapy, active therapy, or both to relieve the pain and restore your mobility.

  • Cerca de 80% de los adultos estadounidenses experimentan dolor de espalda en algún momento de su vida
  • Aproximadamente 50% de los que experimentan dolor de espalda es probable que experimenten episodios recurrentes de dolor de espalda en el plazo de un año. 

La fisioterapia es recomendado para el tratamiento del dolor lumbar

Si tiene dolor de espalda y vive en Chicago, es una buena idea consultar a un profesional ahora.
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