What You Need to Know About Work Injuries and Workers’ Comp

The medical professionals at La Clinica SC are specialized in treating worker's compensation inuries.

Most labor employees do not know or understand their rights when they have been injured at work and often ask themselves: "Can I see my own doctor or do I choose one from the Panel of Physicians?", or "What is a PPP or Preferred Provider Program?". Below you will find the answers to these questions and more. We want you to not only understand your rights but know that our work hardening, chiropractic, and physical therapy services can help you get back to work as quickly as possible. To learn more about our services and your possible worker’s comp rights, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff today at (888) 316-5666.

Read This List of FAQs About Work Injuries and Worker's Comp

What medical benefits are covered under the law?

The employer is required to pay for all medical care that is reasonably necessary to cure or relieve the employee from the effects of the injury.

This includes but is not limited to first aid, emergency care, doctor visits, hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, pharmaceuticals, prosthetic devices, and prescribed medical appliances. The cost of devices, such as a shoe lift or a wheelchair, may also be covered.

If you would like more information regarding covered benefits, please contact our staff via the form provided on this page or by calling (888) 316-5666.

Who pays for the medical care?

If the employer does not dispute a medical bill, it will pay the medical provider directly. The worker is not required to pay co-payments or deductibles.

If the employer disputes a bill, it must promptly give the worker a written explanation for its refusal. While a case is pending at the Commission, the provider cannot try to collect payment from the employee once the employee notifies the provider that he or she has filed a claim with the Commission to resolve this dispute.

The provider may send the employee reminders of the outstanding bill, and ask for information about the case (e.g., case number, status of case). If the employee does not provide the information within 90 days of the date of the reminder, the provider may resume its efforts to collect payment.

Can the employee choose the treating doctor or hospital?

Yes, but there are limits. The employee must choose carefully so that he or she does not end up becoming personally responsible for medical bills.

The employer may create a preferred provider program (PPP) approved by the Department of Insurance. If it does, it must inform the employee in writing of this program.

The employee may decline participation in the PPP at any time by sending the employer a written statement. If the employee declines participation in the PPP, the employee may choose any doctor or hospital, and go to any doctor to whom the employee is referred by that provider.

If you would like more information regarding the PPP, please contact our staff via the form provided on this page or by calling (888) 316-5666. You can also visit our PPP information page.

What if the employee believes the PPP or the second choice of provider is not providing good medical care?

The employee may petition the Commission. If the Commission finds the provider’s care is improper or inadequate, the employee may choose a provider at the employer’s expense.

I was hurt at work and my employer told me I have to see the company doctor. Can I see my own doctor?

YES! Even if your employer has provided you with a Preferred Provider Program list (or PPP), you can choose your own doctor.

Where can I find information regarding my rights as an injured employee / worker?

Information about work injury is on Illinois Worker Compensation Commission Handbook or you contact our staff via the form provided on this page or by calling (888) 316-5666.

What type of benefits does the law provide for the employees who get hurt?

The law provides a system of benefits that are administered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. These benefits cover most employees that have suffered injuries at work.

These benefits are covered REGARDLESS OF FAULT.

What is the right of the immigrant when hurt at work?

The law covers ALL workers in Illinois regardless of immigration status.

What happens if my pain is not caused by a single accident at work but my job has caused or aggravated a medical condition that I suffer from now?

The law covers injuries that are caused in their totality or partly by work. For example, a worker hurt by repetitive movement in any part of the body is covered, also an employee who suffers an impact, a heart attack or another physical problem caused by work.

What should I do if I get hurt at work?

You should notify your supervisor of the accident. Your supervisor once informed will most likely make a written report of the injury. Most of the time, you have 45 days to report your accident.

What should I do if I am afraid to experience reprimand or problems at work due to the report of my accident?

It is illegal for an employer to harass, dismiss, refuse to accept an employee to work after the accident, or discriminate in any form if due to the employee exercising his rights if injured.

How can I cover my medical and time off work if I get hurt at work?

The law provides benefits for medical attention and paid disability if necessary for recovering from a work injury.

Do I have to go get medical care from the PPP, Preferred Provider, or Physician Panel doctor that my employer suggests?

You have the right to select the medical facility of your choice. The law states that the employer is responsible for the cost of workers’ compensation injury.

If you would like more information regarding the PPP, please contact our staff via the form provided on this page or by calling (888) 316-5666. You can also visit our PPP information page.

This information was compiled from the Illinois Workers Compensation Handbook! Click here for more details.