Injury information workshop March 2013

la clinica injury information workshop march 2013

Injury information workshop March 2013

On March 23 we hosted our fist community workshop with a panel of medical and legal experts to answer to your questions about the healing process and your legal rights when injured. The workshop took place at La Clinica SC in Cicero and more than 15 members of the community participate and had their questions answered.

Dr. Eugene Jao of La Clinica SC and the legal representative gave a brief presentation on what to do in case of an injury to help the healing process, to protect your financial interests and protect your job. A Question & Answer session with our experts followed the presentation. Here are just a few of the questions that were asked:

Who pays the medical bills if I get injured at work? Who is responsible?

Your employer is ultimately responsible for the medical bills. Illinois law requires that insurance is purchased or that the employer be self insured for any worker’s compensation claims.

I got hurt at work but did not report it right away. How long can I wait to report an injury after it happened?

Illinois law states that you must report an injury or accident within 45 days from the date it happened. If you fail to give notice of your injury within that timeframe, you can potentially lose all rights and benefits under the Workers` Compensation Act of IL. The best thing to do is always report an injury as soon as it happens or as soon as it is possible.

Please note that in some situations there may be various ways to calculate date of injury. If you were injured and did not report it immediately or have additional questions, please contact our staff and we will refer you to a legal expert that specializes in such cases.

How is my compensation settlement calculated?

Settlements are calculated based on the type of injury, the body part injured, and also the salary of the person that was injured. Please contact our office for more help.

I was told by my boss that I have to see the company doctor. Can I get my own doctor for a different opinion?

In some instances you may be required to see the company doctor but you will also have the right to see your own doctor as well. It may be best to clarify your specific case with an attorney.

Why is my injury taking so long to get better? What can I do to speed up the process?

Every injury is unique. The type of injury, any previous treatment, your health history and activities all play a part in your healing process. If you would like a second opinion, consult with your attorney if you have one. You can also contact La Clinica SC to take advantage of our free and private consultations to discuss your injury care and treatment.

I hurt my back at work and was discharged from care but I still don’t feel 100%.

It is a good idea to consult another doctor in some cases to see if further treatment can help. It is also possible that your injury will never heal 100% and leave you with limited mobility, discomfort or pain. In such a case, an attorney can help you get compensation for what you are going through.

Please join us for our next free workshop where we will answer your questions regarding your medical and legal options in case of a sports, personal, automotive and work related injury. The next workshop will be held at: La Clinica 5832 W. Cermak Rd. Cicero, IL 60804 (ph: (773) 278-9525)

Legal Disclaimer

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