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We Offer Work Injury, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy and More!

Immediate Care and Services for Injuries in Chicago, Cicero and Stone Park, IL

Chiropractic Treatment

Doctors of chiropractic medicine at La Clinica, S.C., are the primary care physicians that work with patients to diagnose and treat the mechanical disorders associated with injuries.


Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

This is a common modality used in our practice in order to treat ailments associated with injuries.  This form of physical medicine is a hands-on-approach to help our patients get through the different phases of their ailment or injury.  Physical therapy includes everything from passive modalities that are applied to the patient, to exercise and postural education of patients.  The purpose is to properly heal and restore normal function lost by an individual after injury.


At La Clinica, S.C. neurologists are often used to help diagnose and suggest treatment of injuries that affect the nervous system.  Examples of these are those who suffer trauma to the head, radiating symptoms of the low back to the leg, and carpal tunnel symptoms, to name a few.


Orthopedic  Surgery

At La Clinica, S.C., we work closely with a team of orthopedic physician experts at evaluating injuries/ailments that may benefit from more invasive care such as surgical procedures.


Pain Management

Pain management can be simple or complex, depending on the cause of the pain.  Treatment for some ailments may require a medical doctor specializing in Pain Management. A common  example in our practice would be pain that irritates the nerve root from a herniated disc with radiation down the leg that is not resolving with therapy or medication on its own. A specialist in this branch of medicine is trained to identify and provide different treatment options that may involve more invasive procedures to help a patient have relief of their symptoms and/or condition.


Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a program intended to return the injured worker back to full-duty work.  Our goal is 100% return to work.  Our clinician will design a program based on the patient's work demands to return the patient safely back to his/her normal duties.  Programs are usually between 4-6 weeks and are sometimes performed daily under our professional supervision for 4 hours a day.  Frequent evaluations are provided in the interim in order to assess the patient's progress through the program.


Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Claims

Our staff and doctors are experienced in treating work injuries and accidental injuries. 


Other Pain and Injury Care Services

The other services that we provide to help patients suffering from pain or accidents include, but are not limited to: X-rays, MRI, CT, Post-operative rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, and Neurodiagnostic testing.