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As one of the premier injury care clinics in Blue Island Clinic, IL, La Clínica is proud to provide hands-on physical therapy to help our patients manage their pain, heal, and regain full body function. Our team of experienced physical therapy and doctors will design a customized program to help you return to what you love doing the most in the shortest time possible.

We use advanced imaging and equipment to diagnose the cause of your injury. After that, we will use our expertise and knowledge to recommend effective physical therapy modalities based on your needs, goals, and nature of the injury.

Physical therapy is a medical specialty that uses non-invasive modalities like heat treatment, patient education, and exercises to treat diseases, deformities, or injuries. Our licensed physical therapists provide the highest quality PT services to help our patients recover, overcome pain, and prevent future injuries.

It’s best to visit our trained physical therapists sooner rather than later to prevent chronic issues that might hinder your everyday life. Visiting our physical therapists quickly also reduces the risk of secondary injuries and delayed recovery time. What’s more, you can reduce the cost of treatment when you seek PT services immediately.

Your primary care provider can also refer you to physical therapy if you are dealing with chronic pain due to an accident, work injury, sports injury, or musculoskeletal conditions.

You will be glad to know that Illinois residents don’t need a referral or prescription to get PT services from a licensed physical therapist. That means that you just need to visit our conveniently located injury care clinic to get the PT services you need. We highly advise you to call for a free consultation so that our physical therapists can advise if physical therapy is the best treatment for you. Additionally, we will answer all your questions, including whether we accept your health insurance policy.

At La Clínica, we believe that the first step to full recovery and rehabilitation is a comprehensive assessment. As a result, our physical therapist will conduct a complete evaluation to identify the cause of the pain. Expect the PT to evaluate your medical history, examine your muscles, check your joints, and measure strength, balance, and posture. After these initial tests, your physical therapists will initiate your physical therapy journey.

Additionally, the physical therapist will recommend various exercises you can perform at home to restore your strength, mobility, and function. Please note that the success of your physical therapy program is dependent on your cooperation and the expertise of our skilled team here at La Clínica.

It’s impossible to determine the number of sessions or weeks you need to recover fully. However, our highly trained physical therapists will use their deep knowledge and experience to estimate how long your physical therapy program might last. Don’t worry, we will track your progress to help you recover and get back to your normal activities.

  • Musculoskeletal diseases affect at least 1 out of 3 American adults.
  • Arthritis, trauma, and back pain are the most common musculoskeletal diseases reported in the US.
  • Physical therapy is among the safest treatment options for critically ill patients.