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Work Conditioning in Chicago & Cicero


woman receiving work conditioning as part of rehabilitation


What is Work Conditioning?

Work conditioning is a program intended to return the injured worker back to full duty work.  Our goal is 100% return to work.  Our clinician will design a program based on the patient's work demands to return the patient safely back to his normal duties.  Programs are usually between 4-6 weeks and are performed daily under our professional supervision for 4 hours a day.  Frequent evaluations are provided in the interim in order to assess the patient's progress through the program.

Benefits of Work Conditioning Treatment

  • Work Conditioning provides a daily program that gets the injured worker “out of the house” and more focused on a daily program of work
  • This treatment supports a positive relationship with the employer as the worker takes an active role in the return to work process.
  • Work Conditioning accelerates the physical recovery while diminishing the potential for chronic disability.
  • It facillitates an earlier, safer return to work
  • Work Conditioning can limit the financial loss associated with the inability to work.
Worker injured at construction site needs work conditioning and physical therapy